Customer Service

How is Sixti helping my business?
SIXTI helps companies to recover their immobilized capital by finding buyers for their overstocks in warehouses of spare parts and raw materials. SIXTI also offers new sales channels to buy or sale obsolete machinery as well as for the supply of new materials and machinery directly from manufacturers.
How is Sixti environmentally friendly?
SIXTI fosters companies to give a second life to obsolete spare parts and raw materials by selling them among other companies from the same sector. That way all these materials won't have to be remanufactured, hence saving commodities and emissions to the atmosphere.
Is Sixti allowing me to be in contact with my potential buyers / sellers?
Yes. Through the chat in the listings you can get in contact with the sellers anytime to sort out any questions. Nevertheless, it is not allowed to ask for information from outside the platform such as emails, telephones,…
How is Sixti anonymous?
Your user ID can be your name or a Nickname that you choose to have. Besides that, all company info you provide is strictly confidential. Hence all users in the platform will know you by your Username, not company name.
What differentiates us with a traditional Broker?
- The platform works 24/7
- We offer direct contacts from one sector.
- We are not limited to a certain geographical area. Example (UE)
- We allow companies to keep control of the negotiation.
- We offer to reduce the commission by paying a monthly subscription when you contract our GPS (Group Premium Service)