High Speed Rising, Filling & Capping Machine

High Speed Rising, Filling & Capping Machine


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Mumbai, India
Magnus Packaging
150-200 BPM


Gross Capacity 150BPM 
Working Capacity 150-200 BPM’s 
Contact Parts Ss 316 Non-Contact Parts Ss 304 
Motors Siemens, Rotomotive Gear Box Elecon,Rotomotive 

Special Features Mono-Block Rotary Machine. Neck Holding. No Bottle No Rinsing No Filling and No Capping. Non-contact Sensors for Bottle Count. Separate Cap Hopper Having Capacity 2000 Caps. The material of Construction SS-304. Special Mechanism of Clutch Systems. Rotary on Cam and Spring Base mechanism.

Rinsing Head 30 Nos Filling Head 26 Nos Capping Head 12 Nos Bottle Size Range 200 ml to 2000 ml Infeed Air conveyor (Meter/Feet) 3 Meter /10 Feet Out feed SS Slat conveyor (Meter/Feet) 6.5 Meter /20 Feet Machine Type Mechanical

 The empty bottles are loaded manually onto the infeed air conveyor where air at high pressure from a blower is used for conveying bottles supported at the neck upto the infeed bottle transfer rotor. 
 The air conveyor permits different bottle sizes to run without making any adjustments. Hence there is no wastage of time in conveyor adjustment on the infeed side.

The bottles are transferred to the rinse rotor by the infeed bottle transfer rotor. Bottles are held at the neck during transfer.

The automatic rinse rotor has spring-loaded grippers mounted radially which pick up bottles one by one from the infeed transfer rotor.  The bottle is inverted against a lever on the rinse valve to start the rinsing operation. Thus we have NO BOTTLE – NO RINSE.  Bottles are washed for up to three seconds each, before draining (for removal of residual water) and uprighting for transfer to the filling rotor.  The rinsing medium is generally product water. 

The internationally accepted and approved VENT PIPE filling principle ensures accurate level filling without spillage. The filling accuracy is +- 5ml. The fill tank level is regulated automatically by a PLC-controlled electronic probe which reduces the machine speed in the vent of disrupted input product water supply.  The machine speed is them restored to normal once the water supply is replenished.

After completion of the filling operation, bottles are transferred to the capping rotor by the out cap picking rotor, the neck of the bottle is picking up caps. With NO BOTTLE NO CAP arrangement is there.

Caps are stored in a SS 304 ground level hopper mounted at the base of the elevator column. 
 The caps are elevated/oriented and they are diverted into the cap chute leading to the filling machine. 
 The operation of the elevator is controlled automatically by a control panel mounted sensors, stop the cap elevator automatically once the chute gets filled to capacity and restarts it on the caps gets consumed.

 H.M.I. Base Systems for accurate setting & Internal & running display 
1. Machine Status – Running ORStop 
2. Bottle Counter –Resettable 
3. Bottle per minute display(BPM) 
4. All interlocking alarm with siren 

 Feature Specification Machine 1. Siren 2. Danfoss 3. RelayOmron 4. Motor Siemens or Crompton, Hindustan 
 VERY IMPORTANT FEATURES A.) Overload Protection 
1). Mechanical as well as Electrical Overload. 
B.) Rinsing
 2). Rinsing Pressure Interlock ( If Rinsing Pressure is the low machine will gives an indication and the machine will get stopped. 
C.) Filling 
3).Filling Tank Level Sensor (If machine filling Tank level is High filling Pump will gets automatically stop and If machine filling Tank low machine gives indication and machine will get stopped.) 
D.) Capping 
4).Cap feeder: If Cap chute is full Cap feeder will get automatically stop and if Cap feeder is the empty machine will get indication and machine will get automatically stop. For all bearing, gears & Moveable sling Part lubrication systems. All bearing SKForiginal make 

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