Horizontal Cartoning Machine

Horizontal Cartoning Machine


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Mumbai, India
Magnus Packaging
MPC - 120


Some of the common & important features of our machine:-

·         Use of casting for base & body of the machine.

·         Use of lubricated bearings for all rotating parts, which results into long life of the machine, lesser requirement of lubrication, elimination of play in moving parts of the machine by robust design.

·         Strong & sturdy structure.

·         Reduced maintenance cost because all the machined parts are highly precise & accurate.

·         All Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Pneumatics & Mechanical bought out components are reputed & International brands.


Special features of Cartoning Machine:-

·         Various models like , Horizontal Continuous motion, Horizontal Intermittent motion, Vertical Continuous motion , Vertical Intermittent motion, Special purpose cartoners as per customer requirement.

·         Various speed (from 60-120 min)

·         Suitable for tubes, bottles, soaps, ampoules, vials, blister pack, Premade pouches , unit packs etc.

·         Special feeding device for Nozzles feeding along with tubes.

·         Link Up device for auto feeding from your existing filling lines.

·         Only one attendant is required.

·         Mechanical synchronize drive to link up with filling machine.

·         Vibration & Jerk free due to heavy duty casting body.

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