MOBEMUR Tin Can Vacuum Seamer Machine

MOBEMUR Tin Can Vacuum Seamer Machine


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Automatic seamer, MOBEMUR brand, model M-800V, built in stainless steel, for closing cylindrical containers.



Vacuum Machine

Eight closing heads

Equipped with two closing wheels per head. One for first operation and one for second operation

Closing of containers with motorized plates.

Straight entry can feeder with motorized can entry and exit trays.

Roller lid feeder with separating blade, accepts easy opening lid.

System no can no lid

Diameters admitted, from 52.5 mm to 100 mm. Format currently installed 73 mm.

Heights: In vacuum machines, due to complexity, it is difficult to change height. In small cans we can ensure 2-3 heights but they must be specified in the contract.

If the difference in height is 5 mm, there is no problem, but if the difference is greater than 10 millimeters, it must be valued as an accessory supply.

Production, maximum 650 cans per minute. Optima 500 cans per minute

7.5 hp gear motor

Built in stainless steel in all visible parts

Electric current according to customer specifications.





Security battleship according to CE security regulations.

Electrical panel totally separated from the machine to avoid malfunctions due to humidity and noise.

Electrical panel built in stainless steel

Machine connections in watertight box.

Structure made of stainless steel in its entirety

Machine with two doors for machine maintenance with security polycarbonate windows.

Limit switches for machine stop when doors are opened

Cap level detector

Blockage detector in seamer outlet

Head height adjustment electronically and by frequency inverter.

Machine control for maintenance by remote control.

Siemens PLC automaton

OMRON frequency inverter

Siemens touch screen for seamer operation with various functions:

Detector tuning assistance

Speed ​​control

Production control

Control and description of faults

Controls and wiring description

Other functions.

(vacuum level down to -0.85 bar in chamber).

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